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The Clock – A simple and functional alarm clock with a built-in Timer, Stopwatch and a World Clock

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The Clock – A simple and functional alarm clock with a built-in Timer, Stopwatch and a World Clock

June 29
13:52 2018

The Clock is a simple and functional alarm clock with a built-in Timer, Stopwatch and a World Clock.

It is available on Google Play as of 12 June 2018. It is the first app developed by Jetkite, a company which is founded to develop strong and functional apps for Android users.

Currently no IOS version is produced.

Play Store Link:

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Available in 18 Languages;

English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japan, Korean, Hindi, Bengali, Bahasa-Malay, Bahasa-Indonesia, Arabic, Turkish, Polish, Italian, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional.


#1 Alarm Clock

‘The Clock’ features a reliable alarm clock with extensive functions. It is designed to create, edit and remove multiple alarms in the easiest way. It can be used to wake up in the morning or setup reminders for your tasks during the day. It offers a variety of options to customize each alarm and configure settings based on your preferences.

For every alarm created, you are able to set an exact alarm time or an exact duration as a sleeping goal. You are able to set your alarm title and repeating days for recurring events.

As an alarm tone, it offers a myriad of options such as setting a ringtone, a standard alert tone or choosing one of your favorite songs from your music library. You can even set your favorite radio station online.

The Clock offers an option to set alarm volume increasing in a peaceful and progressive way to provide gentle wake-up experience. By enabling ‘Volume Crescendo’, alarm clock increases alarm volume slowly instead of starting at maximum volume, thus avoids being startled with a strong sound while you are in a deep sleep. You can set the maximum alarm volume and the time to reach max volume.

Are you a heavy sleeper and not able to wake up gently? Alarm Clock offers an option to use ‘Loud Tones’ to make sure you get out of bed in time and do not oversleep. Furthermore, you can set vibration with various beat patterns to force you out of bed.

Some people actually like falling back to sleep after waking up and enjoy an extra time for snooze as a daily routine. Alarm Clock provides snooze options where you can pre-set the duration for each snooze.

In order to avoid disabling your alarm accidentally, you are able to set your alarm clock to ask math problems in order to stop. You can even set the difficulty of questions and ensure you have woken up and ready for the day with those brain teasers.

As a default, alarm sounds are set to ring even if your phone is in silent mode or your earplugs are plugged-in. You are able to change these settings as well as switching alarm sound to completely off during an important meeting. Or, you can set only a short beat of vibration to make sure you are aware of your reminders.

You got out of bed up earlier than your preset repeating alarms and do not want to wake everyone else up while you are having a shower? The solution is very simple thanks to The Clock’s ‘Skip Next’ option. Just long press your alarm and make it skipped for that day only.

Alarm Widget

The Clock provides a useful Alarm Clock widget where you can set your alarms with only one finger tap from you home screen, without running the application.

Nap Timer Widget

Feeling drowsy and need a short sleep to reboot your brain? The Clock offers a Nap Timer Widget on your home screen with an easy interface to set an exact duration for your afternoon siesta. All alarm options are available also on this widget to make sure you wake up in time and never get late back to work again.

Bedside Clock

The Clock comes with a built-in, retro-style nightstand clock. Once set as screen saver and your phone is plugged in to your charger, it automatically displays the current time on an analog clock and a digital clock with red color and large fonts. You are also able to see any alarms set.

So, why red color? Red and Dark Red have highest wavelength in the visible light spectrum and you are able to see better in the dark without damaging your vision.

# World Clock

The Clock application comes with a built-in World Clock which displays exact time in cities and countries across the world. Whether you are a traveler, a business person or someone who has relatives abroad, The Clock offers a beautifully designed World Clock where you can customize and add as many cities as required. The times are provided punctually as local times for that city, taking into account daylight saving times (DST) as well. The interface also displays how much time a city is ahead or behind the local time.

The application also features various World Clock widgets which displays local times of remote locations on your home screen.

# Timer

The Clock has a Countdown Timer, both on app and as a widget on home screen. You can easily set your desired duration on an integrated numpad and press start button to initiate timing. The app allows running multiple timers at the same time. Use it in the kitchen, gym or wherever you need it.

If you are using a timer frequently, you do not even have to run the application. Just add a countdown timer widget to your home screen and enter hours, minutes and seconds to initialize. Whenever you need a timer just push the play button and that’s it. It is very handy for cooking, sports, study, work, games and anything you want. Start them with only one finger tap.

Running out of battery while timer is running? You do not need to worry. Timer will continue running even after reboot.

# Stopwatch

In addition to functions above, The Clock offers an advanced stopwatch with sensitivity down to 1/100 of a second. You are able to record lap times together with the durations elapsed between two laps. The results can easily be shared via any application such as SMS, e-mail or Messenger apps or recorded on your notepad.  

The Stopwatch keeps running even after reboot of your device. You are able to use volume buttons to record lap times and keep screen lit up while stopwatch is running.

# Widgets

The Clock features beautifully designed home screen widgets such as Analog Clocks, Digital Clocks and Calendars in various layouts and sizes. One can decorate her/his home screen with those widgets and use them effectively for daily needs.

# Themes

The Clock offers a variety of colors in pairs for best user experience and customization. You can also select an option to run the application with a random theme on each start. The collection of colors are carefully selected to enhance user interaction. 

Philosophy Behind Interface

# Designed for simplicity

During development of the UI, material design rules have been strictly followed. Setting, updating, cancelling or removing an alarm is very easy. No distracting colors, extra lines or untouchable buttons are placed on the screen. Options are minimized to single row choice-boxes.

For example, on most applications setting alarm volume and volume crescendo is done in three to four lines of preference boxes. First you set your standard alarm volume, then it asks you to set volume crescendo to YES or NO. If yes, you set max alarm volume and additionally you set the duration to reach that volume. In The Clock, it is done in two lines only. You set an alarm volume first then set either volume crescendo to NONE-30 seconds-1 minute and so on. This has been applied in the app on many occasions.

# Alarm Fire screen has been designed based on human behavioral attitudes

Analog clock is used for the first time in this screen because it is a known fact that human brain can capture time faster on analog clocks. Besides that, Snooze and Stop buttons are put in a horizontal layout instead of vertical. It helps sleepy individuals to distinguish between either to extend the sleep a little bit or get consciousness to get up from bed (remember MS Windows buttons asking for YES, or NO).

# No unnecessary functions.

Most apps in the market offer various methods to stop alarms. Shaking phone or taking photos of your closet is one of them. The Clock does not employ any of those unordinary ideas to stop alarm. Using accelerometer or camera puts extra load to the app and require additional permissions. It may also drain your battery to some extent. We wanted to avoid those kinds of features to keep the app plain and simple. It is only 6 Mb’s in APK size and tested against over use of battery.

# Immune to reboot.

All app functions are immune to reboot of your device. Which means, they are set to their intended time if you switch your phone off and on again. Timers continue counting down and stopwatch keeps running. All alarms are still set to pre-defined times.

# Stopwatch set to initial start time as a reference.

This means that any delay on processor does not cause delayed results. It records the global time in milliseconds when you press the start button and calculates the exact time between two button clicks, ensuring an exact measure of running time.

# No disturbing ads.

The Clock has adopted a strict company principle not to disturb the users with ads. No pop-up ad is displayed and all functions of the app are available on free version. Users are able remove the ads with an in-app purchase and license obtained is valid for a life time.

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