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Ring Buyers Select the Aberdeen II from Hayden Cudworth

Ring Buyers Select the Aberdeen II from Hayden Cudworth

Reports have shown ring buying spiking during this Valentine’s Day season, with many buyers selecting the Aberdeen II engagement ring from Hayden Cudworth, a leading seller of engagement and wedding rings.

The Aberdeen II brings simple elegance to the traditional engagement ring, with a large central diamond offset by a smaller diamond on each side of it. The diamonds seem to emerge from the band of the ring itself, which can be white gold, platinum, rose gold or yellow gold, depending on the buyer’s taste.

It is no surprise to see a ring like the Aberdeen II be a popular seller. It is traditional in its appearance while still bringing something a little more modern and distinctive. The trinity or trilogy setting, in which there are three stones on the ring, is a very classical style of engagement ring. This speaks to the traditions of marriage and weddings. Meanwhile, the princess cut of the large center stone adds modern glamor and elegance to the overall design of the ring.

It is not unusual to see more engagement and wedding rings being sold near Valentine’s Day. As people prepare for the most romantic holiday of the year, they tend to start shopping around for rings. Ring buyers can find excellent deals around Valentine’s Day on engagement rings, as sellers such as Hayden Cudworth and others offer discounts for the holiday.

Valentine’s Day and engagements have been linked for some time. As Valentine’s Day became more known as a romantic holiday, people began using it as an opportunity to have weddings or start engagements. This in turn meant more sales of rings just before the holiday to coincide with those engagements.

The Aberdeen II is an excellent example of a ring that keep tradition in mind even while doing something new. The way the diamonds seem to emerge from the band is a simple modern touch that adds elegances and something special to the traditional look of engagement rings.

Buyers should not decide too hastily this Valentine’s Day season. There are a lot of rings out there and the selection can get overwhelming. By setting clear priorities for the ring – such as a type of cut, the number of diamonds included and a type of metal – buyers can narrow their focus and hone in on the right ring more quickly. Those seeking a mixture of traditional and sparkle may find the Aberdeen II a good fit for what they’re hoping to find.

More information about engagement and wedding rings can be found by visiting Hayden Cudworth.

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