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Top MCAT Prep Courses Rated From Best to Worst

Top MCAT Prep Courses Rated From Best to Worst

MCAT is considered to be among the most difficult examinations that students can undergo. The main thing that sets this examination apart is the fact that it is quite different from what the students have faced in the past – so much of their prior skills aren’t of much use here.

This is why students take prep courses that are designed to prepare them for all of the problem-solving skills, critical thinking and understanding of intricate scientific knowledge. That said, there are a number of different courses out there and understanding which one prepares the students perfectly is the one that people should consider investing time and money in.

1. Axilogy: Axilogy is often defined as the number one choice for one’s MCAT prep courses. They cover every detail that a student might be concerned about in detail and truly have managed to outshine their competition by producing students who have managed to pass the examinations flawlessly. For this reason they have become the go-to prep course for many students who would have not succeeded without their assistance.

2. Varsity Tutors: Varsity Tutors have been known for accelerating academic progress in their students through their live-learning methodologies. Having over 33,000 qualified instructors and over 1000 subjects, it definitely isn’t a bad option to consider. However, for one reason or the other, it isn’t regarded as the best.

3. Next Step: Next step offers one-to-one personalized tutoring. They offer quite a few packages to choose from.

4. Altius: Altius is provided to all 50 states online, as well as Canada and Puerto Rico.

5. The following are some of the other preparation courses that people take nowadays:

Berkley Review


Princeton Review

That said, it should now be clear what choices one should take when applying for their online courses. It is definitely imperative to choose the correct option if one wishes to pass the examination without failure.

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DailyMCAT is an online blog that provides solutions and assistance to students who have to give the MCAT examination. MCAT is quite different from other tests – as it is divided into many different sections that test a multitude of the student’s skills and abilities. Without understanding and practice from reliable resources, getting a good result in this exam is quite difficult. This is why DailyMCAT has become the destination of many students.

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