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Bid Farewell To Stubborn Scars – Dr. Zade Is Revolutionizing Medical Aesthetics With His Latest Scar Fading Product

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Bid Farewell To Stubborn Scars – Dr. Zade Is Revolutionizing Medical Aesthetics With His Latest Scar Fading Product

August 19
19:58 2022

Has one tried all the remedies, but the scars are not fading away? No need to worry because the good days are just around the corner. Dr. John Zade, M.D. is coming up with a revolutionary skin care product that will fade the appearance of both old and new scars.

They have often heard phrases from people around them that ‘you should embrace your scars,’ ‘feel confident with them,’ and ‘it is a part of your personality,’ but not many of them feel comfortable with anyone and want their scars to go away so they can flaunt flawless, smooth skin. There are a lot of scar products on the market today but most of them are just snake oil that doesn’t work. Dr. John Zade, known for his services in the field of dermatology and his hand-formulated skincare products, Zade M.D. Skincare, is creating a Silicone Scar Gel that includes one of the only clinically significant ingredients to reduce scars—100% medical grade silicone.

When their skin experiences any trauma or damage, the skin cells jump into overdrive to close these gaps quickly. To repair the damage, the body makes tissue that is thicker than the skin, often resulting in a scar. Sometimes, their body produces an excessive amount of tissue. Scar tissue is different than regular tissue, and that is why they can notice a different texture and color of the new skin. With Dr. Zade’s Silicone Scar Gel, one can now use 100% medical grade ingredients that are clinically proven to reduce the appearance and soften scars. His scar gel is highly affordable and can be used just like a regular skin care product at home. 

Over the past few years, board-certified dermatologist Dr. John Zade has been working tirelessly to transform the beauty and skincare industry, and he has been successful. Having several years of experience and sound knowledge of skin science, this skincare expert has developed products that work on a molecular level on one’s skin. With the promising addition of this fascinating Scar Gel, Dr. Zade will surely reshape and revolutionize the beauty industry.  


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