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Dr. Esther Klein’s Private Practice Specializing in Family Relationships

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Dr. Esther Klein’s Private Practice Specializing in Family Relationships

August 19
22:18 2022
Serving adults and teens in Boca Raton and all of Florida

Dr. Esther Klein is a licensed psychologist with a boutique private practice in Boca Raton, FL. We all have ideas of what family and relationships should be like. When that idea doesn’t match reality, the result is often distress, deep disappointment, and conflict. Dr. Klein often sees people who are experiencing pain in their relationships, feeling overwhelmed, lost, and having pent up feelings. Typically, when there is a mismatch in one’s vision and current reality, people worry that they are sabotaging or fear they are stuck in unhealthy relational patterns they can’t get out of. Dr. Klein works together with her clients to transform complex emotions, understand the meaning in struggles, and find a path to move forward.

As a clinical psychologist, she believes that challenges can be the entryway to deep connection, truth, and empowerment. Whether someone experienced a difficult parental relationship, is dating, married, divorced, or a teen seeking help, having a therapist who cares and listens is important.

Dr. Klein works with people who are looking to improve their romantic relationships, as well as those struggling with abandonment, divorce, grief or loss, family conflict, childhood trauma, or parental estrangement. She also works with teens. She works together with her clients to increase understanding of struggles, so they can experience the connection and life they are desiring.

Dr. Esther Klein believes that individuals can move into a happier, healthier, more fulfilled version of themselves. At Dr. Klein’s practice, a free 15-minute video consultation is offered so people can connect with her and see if working together is right for them.More information can be found at

About Dr. Esther Klein:

Dr. Klein is a licensed psychologist specializing in family relationships. Her fascination with people and relationships started early. Some of her family relationships were challenging and stressful. She wanted to feel content and connected with the people she cared about so she set out to understand how relationships worked. Because of her struggles, she learned how to empathize, gained a better understanding of how people think, and found ways to be truly happy in her relationships and beyond.

Dr. Klein’s approach is heavily influenced by psychodynamic therapy, which means she focuses on helping people gain a better understanding of their emotions and thought processes. It also gives insight into how current relationship problems may be unconsciously rooted in past experiences. Working this way is helpful in addressing relationship struggles deeply and for the long term. Her treatment is trauma informed, so if trauma is at the core of an issue, she is equipped to help clients work through it. Most importantly, she follows the lead of her clients as she believes the truest knowledge of what one needs is within.

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