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Flex Dynamic Radio App – Now Available in Android and iOS Revolutionizing Radio

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Flex Dynamic Radio App – Now Available in Android and iOS Revolutionizing Radio

May 01
17:54 2019

Hoorn, NH – May 1, 2019 – Flex Dynamic Radio is a privately owned Dutch company and it has released the Flex Dynamic Radio app. The app is a different approach in radio listening whereby listeners are enabled to listen to different stations whenever they want to, by the creation of a personal playlist. The Flex Dynamic Radio app is available now in both Android and iOS and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Flex Dynamic Radio’s newly released radio app is now updated with 12 languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Hindi, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese and Italian with an easy interface. The app was put through a complete overhaul and now also supports phones with Android 5 and above.

What Flex Dynamic Radio app does sync radio stations so that a listener can listen to different radio stations, airing various programs. This way, listeners wouldn’t have to miss out on any of the stellar radio programs being aired on different radio stations and, it manifests in 12 languages. The Flex Dynamic Radio app is simple to use – a playlist is first created by selecting any radio stations from around the world from Flex Dynamic Radio’s Global Radio database. Then, the day and start-time are selected. A listener can tune in two or more stations a day – the app defies geographical and technical barriers and brings a full radio streaming for the technologically connected masses.

“The Flex Music App is born out of frustration. At a previous job, we could only listen to one station that was static on the central music system five days a week. Finally, you have a smart approach to listing to multiple radio stations of your choice!” said Olav Windrich, Founder of Flex Radio Dynamic Radio App (Flex Radio).

The highlight of the Flex Dynamic Radio app is its Global Radio Database – it contains more than 17,500 radio stations scattered in the width and breadth of the world. One can search for particular radio stations by name, music genre and native country. Flex Dynamic Radio adds new radio stations weekly, widening the pool.

Not only that the Flex Dynamic Radio app allows the creation of a radio station’s playlist of one’s choice, but it also gives users complete control of their favorite listing – the list’s itemization is totally up to one’s preferences, and there is no a set limit.

As a company, Flex Dynamic Radio encourages people to download the Flex Dynamic Radio app for free and experience the different radio listening scenario – it’s guaranteed to be the best way to listen to radio stations as yet. The Flex Dynamic Radio appliance is for professional use at office or home.

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About Flex Dynamic Radio

The Flex Radio app is powered by a small Dutch company that is privately owned. Flex Dynamic Radio is based in Hoorn in the province of North Holland. It is located 35 kilometres north of Amsterdam.

Media Contact
Company Name: Flex Dynamic Radio
Contact Person: Olav Windrich
Email: Send Email
Phone: +31 (0)229 802 001
Country: Netherlands

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